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Our Goal :-

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100% Job Placement

With 3000+ candidates already placed,
we ensure every candidate finds employment.

Extensive Network

250+ vast network of partner companies spanning various sectors.


Providing flexibility to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Job Matching

Understading candidates interest and career goals to match with positions.


About Us :-

Our company is here to help you.

Our company takes care of the hiring process, connecting candidates with jobs that fit them well.
We make sure both candidates and companies are happy with the match.

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Attention Students!

We understand the importance of landing your dream job, and we're here to ensure your success. Introducing our Money-Back Guarantee program: if you don't secure a job within 30 days of joining our platform,
we'll refund your investment, no questions asked!
With 70,000+ openings waiting to be filled, this is your chance to take control of your future without any risk. We're committed to your success and are confident in the opportunities we offer.

Don't let uncertainty hold you back.

FAQs :-

Is this site only for fresher's ?

PlacementHunt is for Fresher’s as well as for Experienced. 

How do you find job opportunities for candidates ?

we actively engage in proactive candidate sourcing techniques, such as talent scouting and talent mapping, to identify potential job matches for our candidates. Overall, our comprehensive approach ensures that we can effectively connect candidates with relevant job opportunities that align with their skills, qualifications, and career goals.

Are there opportunities for job placements in multiple cities, or is it limited to specific locations ?

Yes, our company offers opportunities for job placements in multiple cities, covering a wide range of locations Pan India. 

Do you charge any fees associated with using your job placement service ?
The fees associated with using our job placement service are very nominal, 
Just Rs 49.
What is the success rate of students securing job placements through your service ?

We are proud to announce that the success rate of students securing job placements through PlacementHunt.com is more than 90%.

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Salarapuria Tower-2,
2nd Floor, 23, Hosur Rd,
Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka,

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